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Closed for Shutdown

**Due to the COVID school shutdown, please refer to our "Virtual Classroom" slideshow and Google Classroom for direct links to class resources rather than this website.**



Due to the school shutdown for the duration of the 2019-2020 school year, please refer to our Google Classroom for access to curriculum. If you click "Classwork," and then "Link to Lessons & Assignments," that is where I post your class's lessons each week. Thank you for all your support during this troubling time.


GATE & High-Achieving Program

In addition to teaching math on campus, I also am one of the teacher leads for our GATE & High Achieving Program here at Richardson!

My partner Scott Smith and I always strive to collect craft supplies and any other random objects for use in our building-oriented enrichment sessions. Whether it is packaging popcorn, plastic containers, loose string, tissue paper, newspaper, balloons, pipe cleaners, ribbons, shoe boxes, wheels of any sort, paper clips, rubber bands, or old random parts of machines or art projects that no longer serve their original purpose (unique objects like these are our favorite!), ANY random objects we will gladly take and recycle for one of our sessions either this year, or save it for use in years to come. You may drop off supplies at any time to the school addressed to Amy Sayers or Scott Smith.

Thank you so much in advance!


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